Sarah refuses to believe Jason’s insistence that he didn’t send a message to Becky. David is gleeful when he sees them arguing and he sends another message from Becky’s phone. Sarah is furious when she sees the message and she storms into the café to confront Becky and the girls end up in a fight. Becky reveals that her phone has gone missing and Jason realises what’s been happening. Jason rings Becky’s phone when David walks into the salon and Sarah is furious when she hears it ringing in David’s pocket.

Ryan is becoming more and more spooked when he keeps seeing the same car following him to and from school but he keeps it from Michelle. Michelle discovers that Ryan has been arriving late for school and leaving early and she confronts him about skiving. Ryan admits that he thinks he’s being followed.

Kirk spruces himself up in his best suit and he approaches Liam to talk to him about becoming the father of Maria’s baby. Maria is touched when she learns that her brother has spoken to Liam about his intentions towards her.

Also, Lloyd has his car clamped by Dan and Harry when he fails to pay his debt.