Jason says his goodbyes on the Street

Phelan's delighted when Jason bids farewell to the Street

Jason tells Eileen and Phelan that he’s leaving for Thailand later today. He visits Sarah, who gives him her blessing and insists he forgets about Callum and enjoys himself.  Eileen, Todd and Sean bid Jason an emotional farewell as Phelan gives a smile of satisfaction.

Maria is startled to find Michelle in Carla’s flat. Michelle explains that the job on the cruise ship fell through but Steve mustn’t find out. When Amy tells Maria how much she misses Michelle, she can’t help but reveal her where she is. Later, Michelle finds Steve waiting for her…

Leanne resigns from the bistro and apologises to Nick for messing him about. What’s her next move?

When Tracy doubles over in pain Beth takes her to the medical centre where the doctor refers her to the transplant clinic. Kirk chooses between Norris and Beth.