Jason sees red!

When Owen suggests the tram crash may have caused the damage to Eileen‘s roof she contacts her insurers. But when Jason catches the insurance assessor peering through the windows he assumes he’s spying on a scantily clad Rosie and lamps him. Eileen’s horrified as he leaves, claiming he’ll be in touch. She realises if her claim is rejected and she can’t afford the repairs she could lose everything.

Peter’s terrified after being caught out last night, but he’s just dying for another drink. Nick’s got him right where he wants him and when he tells Peter he can call him for anything it’s not long before Peter’s on the phone. Nick delivers and with Leanne out with Janice Peter hits the bottle.

Gary meets Quinny’s mum and dad. It’s an emotional visit, but hopefully talking about things will help his state of mind. Meanwhile, the Windasses get some good news about their adoption plans.

Also, it’s singles night in the Rovers and Janice cops off with factory delivery driver Gaz. But when he asks her to join him on holiday tomorrow she’s shocked; Lloyd offers Cheryl a job on the switch; Michelle’s gutted when Ciaran accepts a three-month job on a cruise ship; Carla attempts to charm new contact Frank.

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