Stella receives a bouquet of flowers from Karl. She hurls them back at him, but unmoved Karl tells her he still loves her. When he then asks her to meet him for dinner Stella’s flustered. Karl lies to Sunita as he heads out. Meanwhile, while Stella gets ready Jason compliments her outfit and Stella admits she’s on her way to meet Karl. Suddenly, Jason silences her with a kiss!

Carla’s stayed out all night and Peter’s fretting. Michelle reveals that Carla’s at her flat, having been taken in by the police for being drunk and disorderly. Carla opens up to Peter, explaining she can’t face living in Weatherfield and she’s flying back to LA with or without him. Peter agrees to move back to LA permanently.

Seeing Roy struggling on his own in the cafe, Tyrone suggests Fiz could help out so Roy offers Fiz some shifts. Fiz is thrilled, but Chesney’s puzzled when Roy reveals that Tyrone gave him the idea. Ches earwigs as Fiz thanks Tyrone for recommending her to Roy.

Also, Kirk worries when Beth says she expects a decent Christmas present. But when Chesney says he knows someone who’s offloading frozen turkeys Kirk spots an opportunity; Dennis is missing his job so he and Malcolm hatch a plan.