It’s the eve of Stella and Karl’s wedding and Karl’s a bundle of nerves, fearing it’s only a matter of time before Craig reveals his secret, especially as the lads wrongly accused of bullying him are now on his back. Jason and Dev are also onto Karl and while Dev tries to speak to Beth about Craig’s note, Jason questions those who were at the Full Monty night over Karl’s movements that evening. When Tommy doesn’t remember seeing much of Karl, Jason seizes on this, sure they’re onto something. As Karl tells Stella he’s booked a honeymoon in Spain, Jason makes it clear to Karl that if he has anything to do with it there won’t be a wedding.

As a fragile Hayley returns home she’s determined to stay positive and top of her list is to teach Roy to drive.

Sally’s late for work after a night of passion with Tim and as she fields questions about her love life it’s clear she’s revelling in causing a stir in the factory. But Tim is concerned when Sally asks him to be her plus-one at Stella’s wedding.

Also, Marcus is put out when Maria agrees Audrey can stay with them until the work on her house is complete.