Jason throws Tina’s belongings into the street!

Tina asks Jason for the key to the flat so she can go and collect her stuff, but he outright refuses. Hurt, and spurred on by David’s spiteful comments, he then starts to throw her clothes into the street. A distraught Tina begs him to stop to no avail. Meanwhile, Nick tells David that if he wants to win Tina back then he needs to be the bigger man. Watching the commotion in the street, David formulates a plan.

Steve and Becky are preparing for their next adoption visit, but Steve worries that Becky’s not taking it seriously. They have to take something from their past that means something to them and while Steve’s got his sorted Becky’s dismissive, secretly unwilling to explore her childhood memories.

Lloyd has Cheryl in his taxi, she seems happy that they can now be comfortable with each other without any misunderstandings. But it’s clear he’s struggling with the idea of just being ‘friends’.

Also; Ches eagerly outlines his business plans to Fiz and she’s impressed; Mary offers Hayley her wedding dress and Liz, Michelle and Becky argue over the ‘Fairest Weatherfield barmaid’ competition.

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