Karl’s furious to find his wing mirror has been smashed off and confronts Jason. In a game of cat and mouse, the two competing men strive to gain the affections of Stella by continuing to play a series of pranks on one another

Having heeded Fiz’s advice to make Katy feel special, Chesney heads out to buy her a gift. Meanwhile, Katy lies that she’s off out with the girls, before stealing away with Ryan. As they dance at a club Ryan and Katy can’t keep their hands off each other. Back home Chesney shows Fiz what he’s bought for Katy and reveals his plans for a shock proposal!

Dev’s suspicious when Sophie suggests he and Sunita spend time together. She admits that Sunita would love them to reunite, but doesn’t feel it’s fair to ask. Startled, Dev agrees to meet Sunita to talk about their future.

Also, having moved out of her own home, it looks like Gail may have outstayed her welcome at Sally’s too; Paul brings Toni to the Rovers. Eileen apologises for her behaviour, but Toni graciously tells her to forget it.