Tracy and Tony spend the afternoon in bed and when Jason knocks at the door, Tony fobs him off. But when Jason hears a woman’s voice, he confides in Todd, who steers Jason into thinking it’s Eva.

Linda denies that she left because of Izzy’s disability and explains it was because she had an affair, which she deeply regretted. As Izzy and Katy turn on Owen, Anna looks at him with disgust. Linda later calls in, revealing she’s decided to stay around in the hope of forging a relationship with her daughters.

David tears the house apart looking for the package and Callum tells him he’s got an hour to find it or he’s taking Max. Gail and Sally are on pins as the police officer opens Callum’s suspicious package. They’re stunned to discover it’s an empty box and realise that Callum used it as an excuse to get to Max.

Craig and Faye work out that Faye must be seven months’ pregnant and she promises to tell Anna. But when she returns home to find Anna upset, she can’t bring herself to tell her the truth; determined to clear the air, Julie summons Mary and Sophie for tea.