Gail is unconscious in intensive care, but David is petrified that he’ll be found out when the doctors reveal that she will soon come round. Audrey is stunned when the police inform her that they suspect foul play. The police carry out an investigation on the street and Jason is in the frame for pushing Gail when Claire reveals that she saw him leaving the Platts around the time of Gail’s fall. Back at the hospital, Gail has come round and is ready for questioning and David is convinced that his lies will be found out.

Carla is surprised when Tony goes cold on her after hearing her chatting to Liam on the phone. But later that day Tony secretly invites Liam, Maria and Michelle to Carla’s for dinner and he seems to be up to something.

Paul warns Leanne that he’s not going to let her sell the restaurant from under him. But when she gets an offer that she can’t refuse she agrees to sell without consulting Paul. Leanne tells Paul about the deal and he’s furious and Leanne tries to talk him round.

Also, Michelle is uneasy when Ryan asks if he can go away with Nick for Easter.

*Second episode, 8.30pm*

David is on tenterhooks as Gail comes round, but it’s soon clear that Gail has no recollection of her tumble. Gail does remember that she had an argument with Jason and Jason is called into the police station. Jason reveals that although they had a row, he didn’t push Gail down the stairs. When the police ask him who else would have a motive, Jason reveals that David once threatened to kill Gail, but the police are sceptical about his claim.

Carla is surprised when she arrives home to discover that Tony has asked the family over for a dinner party. The evening is relaxing and as they discuss how romantic their partners are, Tony has a surprise for Carla and he asks her to marry him! Carla is stunned and hesitates, but an undeterred Tony produces a huge diamond ring and Carla feels cornered into saying ‘yes’.

Paul is jealous when Dan takes Leanne for a drink in the Rovers. Dan and Leanne flirt and Leanne decides to reveal that she was an escort when she was down on her luck. Dan takes the news in his stride and Leanne is relieved.

Also, Vernon suggests creating a smoking area round the back of the pub.