Jason’s left fighting for his life!

Jason has madw frontpage news and Heidi’s devastated. She makes a malicious comment and when Jason over hears he storms out, and at the advice of his counsellor he tearfully records a video diary. Meanwhile, in an effort to impress Ruby, Bart steals a car and takes her joyriding. Their carelessness results in disaster when Jason steps into the road. After calling for an ambulance Ruby and Bart quickly flee the scene leaving Jason fighting for his life.

Meanwhile, Jamil attempts to tell Leanne that Lee has called off the wedding but she has a cunning plan up her sleeve. She tells Jamil that she will scale down the wedding and any money saved can go straight into Guy Candy. Lee is impressed and announces the weddings back on.

Carmel tells Theresa that she still isn’t willing to lie in court. Later, Ethan turns up and tells them that two men have sprung Carl from the hospital. When Theresa confronts Warren he tells her that Carl is far away.

Also; Darren is annoyed when Nancy reveals she knows that he is going to the wedding without her, but now she has an invite too she’ll be making the most of their new ‘casual’ relationship.

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