Jay is in big trouble with Billy!

Billy has a word with Jay about his behaviour in EastEnders...

Billy confronts Jay about the drugs, snatching them off him when he won’t throw them away. Despite doing his best to convince Jay not to go down that road, his words fall on deaf ears. Meanwhile, the tension grows at the Mitchells. Also, things grow worse for Jack when Richard gets upset and runs off.

Mick pulls Lee aside after finding the abortion leaflet, encouraging Lee to talk to him. Despite being reluctant to open up, Lee soon blurts out everything to his dad. Feeling for his son, Mick opens up about his own experiences. He reveals he felt a similar panic the first time he found out he was going to be a father. Lee finally sees sense and gets rid of the abortion leaflet.

Ben is in such a state over Paul’s attacker that Phil agrees to make a call to get him a gun. After the package arrives, Phil begs Ben to reconsider. Realising he couldn’t go through with it, Ben breaks down. When he finds out that the package was empty, however, Ben storms out, furious at being tricked.