Jay Brown has big news for Ben

Jay Brown tells Ben the truth about Phil and his dad

Ben finds Jay Brown and confronts him, demanding to know what’s going on. After Jay tells Ben the full truth, he insists that he and Ben can no longer be brothers as he’s not a Mitchell any more. As things escalate between them, the situation erupts into a fight. Can Ben talk round Jay?

Mick continues to feel distant from Linda. He does his best to make things up to her but she’s not impressed by his efforts. Will he ever be able to win her round?

Bex is nervous as she waits for her GCSE results. Although she does well, she’s upset by her music grade. Trying to make things better, Sonia visits Mr Pryce and asks him to tutor Bex privately.

Also, Tom asks Michelle to give him another chance. Keanu secretly helps Jane with Walford in Bloom.