Jay Brown wants the truth!

Jay Brown tries to find out what’s behind Phil’s decision to give him the car lot.

Jay Brown is horrified when he finds out how upset Ben is with Phil over the Arches/car lot decision. Concerned about Ben falling out with his dad, he invites Phil and Sharon for dinner at the share flat in attempt to get them to sort through things. Although Sharon turns up, Phil refuses to come over.

Ben is in a dark mood and lets slip how much the car lot is worth. Jay is stunned and he heads to the Mitchells to sort things out with Phil. Will Phil finally admit the real reason why he gave Jay the car lot?

Steven feels stressed about the task that Max has set him. Not able to see an end to things, he decides he would be better off admitting the truth to Lauren. With Lauren due home that evening, Steven tells Abi their fling was a big mistake and he wants to be with Lauren. But will Steven be able to go through with telling Lauren the truth?

Karen realises she’s in big trouble financially but when the bailiffs turn up, she manages to talk herself out of the situation. Later, the Taylors face more stress when the money on the electricity meter runs out – then the bailiffs return!

Also, Jane and Ian break the news to Kathy that she can’t live with them when they get their new place.