The teens are horrified that Phil’s money has gone missing. Cindy accuses Abi, pointing out she was the only one who knew where the money was hidden. Upset that Jay didn’t defend her, Abi storms off. After taking the pregnancy test, Abi is relieved to find she’s not pregnant. Still at odds with Abi, Jay heads to the pub to drown his sorrows and kisses Dexter’s date, Kitty, just as Dexter walks in!

Lola coaxes Peter into telling her what he’s hiding about the time he spent in Devon. Eventually, Peter opens up, revealing he is full of guilt after encouraging a friend Gaz to swim further than he was able. When Gaz got into difficulties, Peter went to get help, but it was too late and Gaz disappeared.

Alfie reassures Roxy that he loves her and only her, when she’s left rattled by Jean’s claim that he won’t marry her because he loves Kat. When Alfie sends Ollie on his way, saying that they need some space, Jean is furious. Roxy wants to make things right. Texting Ollie from Jean’s phone, she asks him to come back to the Vic. When Ollie turns up, Jean blurts out that she’s bipolar but is upset when he’s not sure how to react.