Jay discovers Ben’s hiding something!

Ben is miserable when Phil scoffs at his sales and racing skills after telling Ben to get the stock car sold. Jay secures a good price for the car, letting Ben take the credit with Phil, who gives both the lads a cut of the money. When Jay goes to stash his cash he stoops down after dropping it and spots the photo frame that killed Heather under Ben’s bed! Jay realises Ben lied about disposing of it.

Kat gets a new phone from her mystery man so they can carry on their illicit contact. Kat feels guilty and throws it away then persuades Alfie to spend some time alone with her. Kat’s disappointed when Shenice and Tommy are home early and their romantic evening doesn’t happen. A frustrated Kat retrieves her phone and calls her mystery lover.

Derek has warned AJ that he wants the cash to pay for his damaged wing mirror. AJ meets up with Syed, who is nervous about his uncle finding out he has a boyfriend. To Syed’s relief, AJ gets on well with Christian and agrees to loan him some money. AJ goes back to the Masoods for a boys’ night with his brother and nephews, but he’s busted by Zainab!