Jay hits rock bottom

Jay has been forced to sleep rough. When Kat finds him scavenging food from a bin, she’s appalled and brings him into the Vic to work out what to do with him. Alfie won’t have Jay staying at the Vic so Patrick decides to take him in, willing to suffer the inevitable backlash from the locals. Meanwhile, Shirley tries to avoid Andrew, unable to face him. He corners her and demands to know if she knew about Ben all along.

Phil wants the Mitchells – minus Jay – to get together for a family meal. Jay takes the opportunity to visit Lola while Billy is out at the meal. A shifty Lola assures Jay they’re still mates, but he realises things will never be the same between them when she is nervous about having him near baby Lexi.

Sharon approaches Phil for a job after getting nowhere with Ian and Janine. Sharon senses Phil isn’t telling the whole truth and questions him about Ben. When Phil confesses he knew about Ben’s guilt all along, Sharon is shocked but supportive. Shirley turns up to find Phil, who is late for the family meal and is fuming to see Sharon leaving. Shirley confesses she can’t get past recent revelations and ends things with Phil.