Jay is stabbed!

Jay is angry when Jase blows him out to take Dawn and Summer to a modelling agency. Jay hangs out with Tegs and the gang, but he decides to distance himself from the gang when they tell him to throw a brick through Dot’s window. Later, Jay has a violent scrap with Tegs, who grabs Jay’s knife and stabs him. Is Jay dead?

Ronnie reassesses her relationship with Jack after her run-in with Selina and Jack wonders about her strange mood. Ronnie later confronts Jack about Penny and Jack finally reveals the truth. A distraught Jack admits that when he was in the police one of the gangsters he brought down arranged for Penny and Selina to be run over. Selina recovered from his injuries, but Penny was left paralysed and it ripped apart his marriage.

Ian has a run-in with Christian, but they make their peace and he agrees to let him stay. Christian points out a few home truths about Ian’s relationship with Jane that gives Ian pause for thought. Christian helps Ian organise a romantic evening for Jane. Ian tells a delighted Jane how much he loves her.

Also, Hazel decides to leave Walford when she thinks Minty is playing away.

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