Dawn and Billy are relieved when Jay returns, but Jay has a showdown with Dawn and blames her for Jase’s death. Later, Jay’s social worker visits and Jay tells him that he wants to stay in Walford. Jay has a heart-to-heart with Dawn and they make up. Meanwhile, Garry has decided to declare his feelings to Dawn, but when he overhears her talking fondly about Jase with Jay he is deflated and thinks better of it.

Max is determined not to let Jack take his family away and he sees his solicitor about getting custody of the girls. Max then poses as Jack and cancels Jack’s ferry tickets. Max gets drunk and confronts Tanya then tells Abi and Lauren that they’re moving in with him. Jack smugly points out that the girls’ wishes come first and Max leaves, defeated. Back at home Max stumbles across the gun that Suzy claimed she threw away…

Zainab thinks that Shabnam has left Walford without saying a proper goodbye. But she finds Shabnam in the closed-up post office, all decked out with tea lights for a farewell family gathering before leaving the Square.

Also, Masood apologises to Zainab for revealing their money troubles, but he isn’t regretful.

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