Jay is in the Arches with the petrol can and he soaks some rags in petrol and stuffs them through the flat letterbox. Billy spots him and is horrified that he was trying to injure Dawn and stops Jay just as he’s about to set alight to the rags. Jay is ashamed when Billy tells Jay he can’t deal with him and he agrees to behave. But when he realises that Billy was planning to send him back into care he runs away.

Max forces Tanya to confess that they’re leaving Walford. Max tells Tanya he has found her missing sister Rainie and offers her the address as long as Tanya promises they won’t move far from the Square. Tanya makes a false promise, but she is worried when she realises that Ronnie knows they’re going to France. Ronnie is angry when Jack refuses to sell her his half of R&R and she tells Max about France.

Phil is furious with Archie for duping him about Eric’s trophy and he confronts him. Phil is suspicious, but accepts Archie’s explanation when he insists that the original was stolen, so he had another one made.

Also, Shabnam decides to move to Pakistan; Zainab decides to quit the post office.

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