Jay reveals Ben’s secret

Glenda has accused Ben of GBH and the police come knocking. Jay tells Phil and Shirley that Ben confessed to him that he pushed Glenda. Phil and Shirley accuse Ian of fooling around with Glenda and he begs them not to tell Jane. Phil forces Ian to give Ben a false alibi. Glenda is shocked when Phil and Ian confront Glenda and tell her to withdraw her statement or else.

Charlie tries to speak to Kat, but she closes the door in his face. Jack offers his condolences to Alfie. He tells Jack to cherish his son. Jack offers to take Alfie to the register office to register ‘Tommy’s’ death while he registers ‘James’s’ birth. Kat is upset when Alfie gives all the baby toys to Jack and Ronnie. Kat comes round to the flat to get the toys back. Ronnie panics and tells Kat to leave when Kat asks to hold her baby.

Bianca asks Liam to find out why Tiffany is in such a strange mood. Tiffany tells Liam that she saw Nanny Carol kissing Connor. Liam is shocked by Tiff’s revelation. He tells Tiffany that they need to keep it a secret, especially from Bianca.