Jay uncovers Ben’s betrayal

Ben feels like King of the Square with Phil behind bars and lets slip to Abi that he shopped his own dad. When Jay has a go at Ben for talking to Marsden, cowardly Ben lies he said nothing to incriminate Phil. The Mitchells are stunned when Phil is charged with murder. Ben’s forced to own up to the truth when Abi lets slip to Jay that Ben landed Phil in it. Betrayed, Jay and Shirley throw Ben out.

Ian worries that Jane won’t cope in her new job, as her move to Cardiff looms. In a bid to test her resolve he recreates the stress of a large restaurant kitchen with Mandy, Lucy and Bobby as the diners. Ian engineers the situation to go wrong and Jane is pushed to the limit. Ian reassures a despondent Jane – she’s done a great job.

Tanya reminds Max to go easy on Lauren. Max soon breaks his promise, frustrated with Lauren’s attitude, and loses his cool with her. Max and Tanya pull together as a couple. They tell Lauren that she can leave school, but she has to start working in the salon.

Also, Lucy’s suspicious when Mandy takes some secretive phone calls.