When Jayden admits he admire Josh for punching Chris, Josh is horrified and tells Amber he doesn’t want to be anyone’s hero! He goes to Chris and asks for help.

Susan’s in shock following Nate’s outburst, and Karl tells him to leave their house. Meanwhile, Chris is unsure whether he’s still got a boyfriend but Nate assures him that he’s not going anywhere. Later, Nate tells Susan about his time in Afghanistan, relating one traumatic event – the death of a young girl. Hating the fact that she’s turning him away, Susan offers to help.

A maudlin Paul is confronted by Dakota. She needs ten grand to get out of the country and if he doesn’t give it to her they’ll both go to jail. Paul complies, but before he can hand over the cash, Brennan arrives. Knowing that Dakota is listening from where she’s concealed, Paul claims he’s an innocent victim. Brennan leaves, and Dakota flees.