Jayne quits Holby for good

Connie steels herself for the big day as her interview for the Director of Surgery job comes around. To make matters worse, the big decision looks to be made by CEO Jayne Grayson. Still smarting from Connie’s affair with her husband John, Jayne’s presence on the interview panel gives Connie cause for major concern.

Connie’s worries prove to be founded as Jayne makes the decision to hire the weaker candidate Michael. Fuming, ambitious Connie confronts Jayne who admits that her affair did contribute to the decision not to hire her. Feeling like she has no option, Connie hands in her notice, but is comforted by Michael, who takes matters in to his own hands when she admits the circumstances of her predicament with Jayne.

Michael makes it clear that he’s not going to lose Connie and threatens to tell the board about Jayne letting her personal feelings come between her and her job. An exhausted and unhappy Jayne decides to put an end to the troubles and walk away from her job at Holby. Saying a bittersweet goodbye, ice-cool Jayne drives away from the hospital for good.

Elsewhere, Joseph is stunned to discover that Faye did not receive a phone call from her ex husband on their wedding day. Some detective work leads him to a shocking discovery – her mobile phone records show an unusual amount of calls to someone else – Linden.

Meanwhile, Donna returns back to work following the death of her father, and is offered support by Maria as she tries to readjust to life on the ward. Maria has problems of her own though: desperate to get in contact with old flame Sam, she’s left devastated when she discovers that not only is he not returning from America, he’s in a new relationship.

As the day comes to a close the two girls arrange to meet outside the hospital to go for a drink. But tragedy strikes when a car smashes in to Maria and she’s rushed back to hospital – this time as a patient…