Jay’s dark day

Jordan reveals to staff nurse Jay that his life could be in danger as a result of the drugs trial. Jordan promises to fast-track Jay’s tests to discover whether he was given the placebo or the dose connected with the Crypto deaths. Meanwhile, the staff are taking bets on which of them is at risk.

Elsewhere, Ruth is acting strange, and when she receives a gold locket she begs Adam for time off for personal reasons. She brushes Jay off, when he tries to engage with her, before getting into a chauffer-driven car…

Kirsty makes an enemy of Tess when she blatantly lies to her about the whereabouts of a patient accused of stealing from another patient.

Charlie catches Shona drinking – although she’s heavily pregnant. It’s the last straw for the stressed grandfather-to-be and he kicks her out. Shona, however, has an idea to win him over. When he gets home he discovers Shona has filled with kitchen with flowers as a peace offering. She promises to change so he gives her another second chance.

Jay receives the all-clear. Overwhelmed by his sudden brush with death he races to find Ruth after Jordan reveals she’s about to get married!