Rachel isn’t impressed to discover what Jazz did to her on the day of Tony’s reunion, but despite everything, is sympathetic, seeing Jazz is a woman in need. After a chat, Jazz decides the only way to move forward with her life is to leave Summer Bay.

After a mysterious phone call, Irene meets someone in a car park at night, and returns with Oliver, a three-year-old boy in a bad way. She calls Rachel to ask her to take a look at the boy, inventing a story that she found him alone on the beach. But she is dismayed when Rachel arrives with Jack who suggests bringing the the Dept of Community Services in. Clearly not wanting them involved, Irene insists she can take care of the boy herself. Rachel, however, tells Irene that Oliver needs to go straight to hospital.

Regretting taking Melody to the party, Geoff is hoping Christine won’t go through with her threat to call the police. Meanwhile, angry at the way Melody is being treated, Annie thinks she should leave home and stay with them. Geoff is keen to try sitting down and talking things through with Christine. But there’s little chance of that when Jack arrives with an injunction against Geoff.

*Showing on RTE One, Wednesday July 9*