Jazz gets mystery visitor

Belle still won’t speak to Drew after he swapped the concert tickets for a new exhaust system for his car. So Drew ends up spending more time with Jazz and starts to realise that maybe his mum does genuinely love him. When Jazz gets two more tickets to the concert, Drew is delighted, especially when Belle forgives him. But behind Drew’s back, Jazz meets Dane, a solicitor. It seems Drew is the sole beneficiary of his Grandmother’s will – and she’s made sure that Drew knows nothing about it.

Brad is finding it difficult to deal with losing out on the Deputy Principal position to Donald Fisher, thinking the students will find Don too old-fashioned. But when he sees him helping Annie with her learning difficulties, he grudgingly admits that Don is a very good teacher.

But the tension increases between the pair when Fisher calls a meeting to radically overhaul the school’s remedial reading program, without consulting Brad.

Having moved into the Diner Apartment with Martha, Matilda is enjoying her newfound freedom. But Martha is finding it hard to deal with Ric’s constant presence and, with problems with Jack on her mind, ends up angrily confronting them both.

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