Jazz gives Drew the blues

Leah and Dan are concerned when Drew fails to come home, and Belle is furious when she finds him at Amanda’s house. The squatters are sprung again when Colleen turns up to clean the house. Dan is furious and forces the boys to clean up after themselves.

Drew gets a shock when he sees the home’s new prospective tenant – his mum Jazz (Rachel Gordon, pictured). She claims she’s come to the Bay to help Drew, but Drew’s not so sure. Dan is keen to help mother and son get closer, so invites Jazz to stay at their house, much to Drew’s fury.

Alex babysits VJ in an attempt to retrieve his backpack full of drugs from Leah’s house. But he’s distracted by Cassie’s unexpected arrival, and when he gets a chance to look for the bag, he’s shocked to discover it’s gone. Alex panics and turns the house upside down looking for it. Meanwhile, VJ hides with the backpack, and happily plays with the pills.

At the caravan park, Brad finds empty prescription pills packets in the rubbish, and suspects Alex is again mixed up with drugs. When Alex returns to Leah’s house looking for VJ, he finds Leah waiting to confront him, with his backpack and the drugs.