Jazz makes her presence felt

Relieved at no longer having Jazz staying at theirs, Dan and Leah try to motivate Drew into getting a job, but he’s more interested in surfing. And their attempts to get Drew back to work are dealt another blow when Jazz returns.

Ignoring the fact that Leah doesn’t like her, Jazz moves back in and even starts flirting with Dan. The household stresses come to a head at a family meeting where Jazz declares that Drew shouldn’t be forced into a dead end job. It all becomes too much for Leah who puts Jazz straight before sending her packing.

Rachel is coming to terms with life without Kim, and is grateful for Leah’s support. Still hurt and angry about Kim leaving her for Kit, Rachel also can’t forget that she let Hugh go. So when she learns Hugh’s address, she writes him a letter. However, after much deliberation, she decides not to send it.

Alf is frustrated with facing the realities of growing old and finds that his patience with the local kids is wearing thin. Despite his friends reassuring him he’ll bounce back after having his cataracts removed, Alf isn’t so sure.

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