Roman and his army friends have no luck trying to find the sunken dinghy, and Roman is frustrated when he is forced to give up on the search. Meanwhile, over at Tony’s, Jack divides everyone into teams, each with a list of pubs to search in an attempt to find the man who gave Sam her bruises.

After a shaky start, Jazz suggests she and Tony try a new tactic; getting the toughest looking guy they can find and telling him they need someone beaten up. They find a guy who tells them to wait, before returning with an undercover cop who wants to arrest them. He refuses to listen, leaving Tony and Jazz with no choice but to get Jack to explain.

Meanwhile, Jack finds a bartender who recognises the photo of Sam and points to a man she spoke to. He’s preparing to approach him when he is interrupted by a call from Tony, and he’s forced to drop the lead to help his dad.

Luckily later on, the man is still there and Jack gets the information he needs. Morag receives an urgent call from Ross Buckton revealing that the dinghy has been found on the beach – Jack and Martha are off the hook.

*Showing on RTE One, Wednesday May 28*

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