Jealous Jake takes drastic action

Jake quietly seethes when Nancy suggests they all celebrate Russ’s return to teaching later in The Dog. He’s even more furious when Nancy heads off to tutor Newt, and works himself up into a rage as he watches Nancy and Newt enjoy each others company. Later, Jake decides to take drastic action to end Nancy’s friendship with Newt.

Annoyed that he’s lost Jess and Summer in just two days, Kris takes their leftover belongings to the charity shop. Meanwhile, Summer and OB continue to bond as Summer supports his plan for ‘OB-smobie’ and promises she will wait as long as it takes for him to become a multi-millionaire. Later, Summer bumps into Kris, who tells her he has moved on and is now off men and women for good.

Annoyed at Val for leaving her and Danny in the lurch for five months, Lauren leaves Val in no doubt that she is not welcome at the Valentines. Declaring that she knows when she is not wanted, Val packs her bags and flounces out. Guilty Danny takes Valerie back home, but realises his mum hasn’t changed when she brazenly flirts with Leo to persuade him to let her stay.

Also, Sasha and Josh are horrified when Fletch offers them a joint.