Jealous Marlon accuses Ross of murder

Marlon is in a desperate state but Paddy convinces him to talk things over with his wife. Donna tries to explain herself, but accidentally lets slip that she was in love with Ross and that Shane knew about their affair. A distraught Marlon tells the police that Ross was bedding Donna and Shane was blackmailing them and he tells them that Ross killed Shane!

Carl is frustrated when Jimmy fails to show enthusiasm for a meeting to resurrect their business. After the bank refuses to lend Carl any money he warns Jimmy that they need to pull themselves together if they’re to salvage any sort of reputation. With the problems mounting up Lexi advises Carl to arrange Matthew’s burial in order to give Jimmy some closure. Carl tells Jimmy that the sooner Matthew is buried the better, but they wonder if Anna will return for the funeral.

Victoria helps Daz at the factory and Scarlett feels sidelined. Scarlett prepares for a cosy night with Daz at home, but Victoria turns up and plays gooseberry while Scarlett grows more and more frustrated. Later, Val warns Daz that if she spots even a hint of Victoria falling for him she will go straight to Diane.

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