Jealous Zak punches Rishi!

Zak’s really struggling with his jealousy issues. He can’t bear the thought of Joanie working in the office at the factory with Rishi, especially as Kerry has been winding him up that Rishi fancies her! When Zak runs into Rishi in the pub, rage floods over him and he punches him smack in the face! Lisa can’t believe her eyes – while Belle cringes over her dad’s behaviour.

For Joanie, the incident forces a conversation with Zak about where their relationship is headed. When Joanie makes it clear she’d marry Zak, Lisa soon bears the brunt of her ultimatum. She’s utterly heartbroken when Zak tells her he plans to pop the question to Joanie – and to add insult to injury poor Lisa later witnesses her former husband proposing.

After hearing her mum so upset about Zak, Belle decides to live for the moment. At the surgery she throws caution to the wind and kisses Dr Bailey!

Elsewhere, Jai’s not pleased when Megan asks Sam to be their daughter Eliza’s godfather.