Stacey panics when Marsden turns up in the Square but Bradley assures her that no one saw him go into the Vic on Christmas Day. Stacey tells Bradley she felt the baby kick and Jean realises that Stacey is pregnant when she sees Bradley put his hand on her stomach. Jean worries that a baby will be too much for Stacey. Jean searches for Stacey’s medication in her bag and finds the baby scans.

Zainab gatecrashes the book club when she discovers Jane hasn’t invited her. Jane tells Zainab she’s unhappy about her attitude to Syed being gay. Zainab hits back with a snide comment about not understanding because she doesn’t have children and Jane throws her out.

Meanwhile, Peter deletes a video clip of Lauren from the laptop and asks Tamwar to retrieve it. Tamwar discovers the audio clip of Ian and Janine having sex and Zainab hears it.

Billy has been made executor of Archie’s will. Peggy is annoyed when Glenda books a family meal at Fargo’s without consulting her. Peggy is sure Glenda is up to something and finds something intriguing in Glenda’s case.

Also, Sam is sentenced to 18 months in prison and tells her family that she doesn’t want to see them again.

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