Stacey is late opening the stall when Jean distracts her. Jean is planning to stay with Stacey while her neighbours have the builders in and Stacey wonders how long Jean will be around. Stacey heads off to the stall and the missing suitcase turns up and Jean decides to ‘helpfully’ unpack it. Jean finds the video camera, but she drops it on the floor and it stops working. Jean is terrified when Bradley wants to give Lauren back her camera so she can put the honeymoon and wedding footage onto DVD. Has she broken it?

Ian checks out Steven’s claim that he’s informed the police about the trashed stall, but the police don’t know what he’s talking about. Ian gets hold of the CCTV camera that was trained on the stall and he’s stunned when he recognises the hooded assailant – it’s Steven! Meanwhile, Steven is devastated when dad Simon ships him his stuff from New Zealand – he’s chucking him out.

Peter’s French exchange student Monique is due to return to France, but she decides to do some matchmaking. Monique realises that Peter and Lauren are keen on each other and she sets them up on date.

Also, Vinnie’s persistence starts to pay off with Shirley.

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