Jean gets her happy ever after

Jean puts on a brave face following Ollie’s departure. Knowing she’s ruined Jean’s happiness, Kat asks Alfie to help her find Ollie and set things right. Thinking they’ve missed Ollie, they return to the Square. Meanwhile, at the allotment Ollie surprises Jean, saying he couldn’t leave without her. With Kat’s blessing Jean packs her things and she and Ollie leave. Alfie comforts a tearful Kat.

Ronnie is still shaken from looking after Lexi but decides not to tell Jack. Michael does some stirring, telling Roxy and Alfie that Ronnie and Jack are back together. When Roxy thinks she might be pregnant, she takes a test, but is disappointed to discover it’s negative. With Alfie preoccupied with Kat, Roxy turns to Ronnie for comfort.

Kirsty is taken aback when she’s confronted by Abi and Lauren, who tell her that they don’t need another mother and they want her out of the house! When Abi blames Kirsty for their current troubles, Kirsty points out how much she’s done for them recently. A conflicted Lauren feels stuck in the middle, tentatively suggesting Kirsty should stay. Furious with the pair of them, Abi storms off.

Also, Sam has news for Ava, and Lucy asks Ian for some business advice.