Jean has bad news for Kat

Kat and Alfie are back on track. Kat visits Jean in the psychiatric hospital and breaks down. Jean comforts Kat and says her hurt will heal in time. Kat wants to take Jean back to the Vic when Jean reveals she’s well enough to go home. Kat is gutted when Jean says she needs a fresh start and is moving to a friend’s in Bradford. Jean has a change of heart and turns up in the Vic, much to Kat’s delight.

Jack tells Roxy that Ronnie sits in the flat all day and is no longer the woman he married. Roxy tries to coax Ronnie out of the flat and is frustrated when Ronnie refuses. Ronnie bumps into Michael, who wants to know what she meant by her comments the previous night. Ronnie tells Michael she doesn’t like him because he wasn’t there for Kat when she lost their baby.

Jack organises to go out on a poker night and argues with Ronnie who says she needs him to babysit James. Ronnie asks Roxy to look after the baby instead while she goes to the Minute Mart. Ronnie walks past the Minute Mart and keeps on walking…

Also, Tanya’s sick of Roxy’s bad management of the salon.