Jean makes a confession to Ronnie

Jean overhears Kat telling Charlie she’s worried that Jean is off her meds as she caught her nearly drowning herself. Jean convinces Charlie and Alfie that she’s fine, but Kat is suspicious. Jean gathers Stacey’s belongings to get rid of and she gives Ronnie Lily’s baby clothes. Jean is hesitant when she sees the jacket she knitted for Lily. Ronnie tries to comfort Jean. She confesses that she’s not coping and she decides to self-section herself.

Carol stuffs some gambling winnings into an envelope. Carol is horrified when Glenda turns up with Bianca and the kid. Glenda accidentally picks up Carol’s cash with post. Carol manages to get rid of Bianca before she finds Connor. She can’t find her envelope of money and Connor mistakenly thinks she’s accusing him of stealing. Carol finds Glenda has the envelope. Tiff posts a card through the letterbox and peeks in and is stunned to see nanny Carol and Connor kissing!

Kat is in pain when her contractions start and she’s sure that this time the baby is coming. Alfie takes Kat to hospital with Mo and Charlie in tow. Kat’s told it’s another false alarm, much to the Slaters’ frustration.

Meanwhile, Jean predicts that Ronnie’s baby is coming tomorrow even though it’s not quite due.

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