Jean makes a shock suggestion to Stacey

Kat and Alfie are suspicious of Jean’s sudden visit to Walford, concerned when she claims she’s left Ollie. Heading to prison to visit Stacey, Jean reveals why she’s really back. Telling Stacey she’s got a way to get her out of jail, Jean insists Stacey will be set free if she appeals, using her bipolar condition as her defence.

Mick manages to conquer his fears about swimming to turn up at the swimming gala, determined not to let the family down. When he gets to the edge of the pool, however, he freezes. After some words of encouragement from the family, Mick manages to complete his lap and is hailed a hero. Dean jealously looks on, as his own effort in completing 19 laps is completely overshadowed.

Peter is disappointed when Ian snaps at him, telling him he can’t meet up with the police about the appeal. Putting some cash together to pay off Rainie once and for all, Ian arranges to meet Rainie in a quiet road. When Mick drives up and spots Ian, he pulls over, causing Ian to speed off. Mick’s left talking to prostitute Rainie through his car window when the police turn up!

Also, Stan lays on a belated birthday do for Cora.