Jean makes a startling confession to Ollie

Jean has another date with Ollie, but is worried he won’t want her when he discovers she’s bipolar. The date gets off to a bad start when Ollie takes her to Scarlett’s and Ian talks Jean into working for him again. Trying to pluck up the courage to tell Ollie about her condition, Jean bottles it, instead blurting out about her involvement in the restaurant fire! Worried she’s blown it, Jean is comforted by an understanding Ollie, leading to a kiss.

Whitney confesses to Bianca and Carol that she slept with Joey. Not wanting Whitney to lose Tyler, Bianca suggests keeping it quiet and making things up with Tyler. After Tyler brings Whitney flowers as an apology, Whitney agrees to go for a drink. Things don’t go too well, however, as Tyler constantly puts his foot in it. A frustrated Whitney tells a horrified Tyler that she slept with Joey.

Denise urges Ian to talk to Lucy from the heart when he admits he’s miserable about falling out with her. Seeing it as his chance when Lucy asks her to meet him in the Vic, he makes an apology. Janine interrupts them revealing Lucy’s news – that she’s working for her. Ian is gutted.