Jean tells Janine a secret

Jean wants to put the Vic’s VAT money into Michael’s investment scheme and is disappointed when a guilty Michael advises her to wait. When Janine finds them talking she’s rude to Jean and Michael insists she apologise. Janine is further put out when Jean later reveals that Michael confided in her about his mum. To placate Janine, Michael tells her that Jean is a sad deluded old woman, not realising Jean has overheard. Jean, upset, says Michael can make it up to her by letting her invest the Vic money after all.

Lucy is shaken when she wakes up to discover that Ian hasn’t come home. When Lola tells Lucy that Ian asked her to cover at the chippy while he was on honeymoon, Lucy is relieved, assuming he’s abroad. After deciding to throw a party to celebrate the end of Mandy, Lucy stumbles across Ian’s passport. A rattled Lucy tells Ben that she has no idea where Ian is.

Derek can’t get his head round Alice’s sudden disappearance. After encouragement from Cora, he decides to write her a letter telling her how he feels. Derek notices that Tanya is acting awkward around him. It’s soon clear Tanya scared Alice off and Derek is furious.