Jean vows to help Stacey

Jean lets Stacey in the house and is horrified by her appearance and she recognises bipolar-type symptoms in Stacey’s manic state. Stacey claims she’s been working in a club, but can’t explain her cuts and bruises and Mo insists that Stacey sees Dr Jenkins. Stacey breaks down on Jean, who vows that they will get through this together.

Denise gets drunk in the club and knocks Chelsea’s bag to the floor. Lucas helps pick up her things and finds a wrap of cocaine. Lucas confronts Chelsea about the drugs and she claims that she was given it by one of Ellis’s mates, but she wasn’t going to take it. Later, Ellis calls Chelsea, but is knocked to the floor by a mystery assailant – Lucas.

Christian goes to the club to celebrate his birthday with his mate James. Christian takes James home, only to find the twins drinking with their mates and he sends everyone packing. Christian and James are left alone and Christian makes a move. James insists that he’s already taken and it’s time that Christian settled down.

Also, Darren offers Whitney a job; Amira moves in with Janine; Minty is disappointed when Manda rejects his advances; Peggy walks in on Jack and Ronnie getting passionate.