Stacey is troubled when she realises that Mo seems to be on edge but Mo insists that she’s just feeling upset about everything that is going on. Meanwhile, Martin gets together the locals to brainstorm ideas on how to raise money for the wake. They come up with an idea to hold a fundraising evening in The Vic in honour of Kat. After getting enough cash together, Mo arranges an obituary for Kat in the Gazette.

Jay also tries to help out and manages to get a free coffin, but Mo’s odd reaction makes him feel put out. When Martin realises that it’s all too much for Stacey he offers his support. Stacey is stunned when Jean turns up on the doorstep after a call from a concerned Martin and drops a massive bombshell… What has she got to say?

Keegan does his best to chat up Louise but the more he tries to get her attention, the less success he seems to be having. It’s clear that Louise is only interested in Hunter.

Also, the Taylors come up with a novel way for Arshad and Mariam to settle the new baby.