Jean tells a surprised Stacey that she’s getting married to Ollie tomorrow. When Stacey questions whether Jean’s taking her medication, they come to blows. Jean leaves, finding Shirley, who encourages Jean to talk things through with Stacey. After making up with Stacey, Jean and Stacey go shopping for a wedding outfit for Stacey and Lily. Things take a turn for the worse, however, when Jean sees the key around Stacey’s neck and freaks out about it. After Jean rushes off, Stacey tells Martin she’s determined to find out what the key opens.

Tamwar is worried about Nancy’s increase in seizures and encourages her to be honest with him. Finding Tamwar in the market office, Nancy finally opens up, confessing that she’s under a lot of stress. When Tamwar suggests she move into the Masoods’ for a while, Nancy is grateful. Telling Lee about Tamwar’s suggestion, Nancy is shocked when Lee gets angry, storming off. When confronting Lee about his odd reaction gets her nowhere, Nancy suspects Lee is hiding something.

Carol is determined to help Max get his life back on track. After finding out Max is behind on his mortgage payments, Carol realises Max can’t cope alone, suggesting he moves in with her so he can rent out his house. Reminiscing about their teenage years, Max and Carol decide to take Jim’s old motorbike out for a spin.