Jean wants Stacey to get help

Jean tells a shocked Mo and Charlie that Stacey is showing signs of bi-polar disorder and has blown £1,000 pounds in under a week. Jean finds Stacey playing loud music and tries to get her to calm down. Stacey decides to go to the flower stall with Jean and ends up causing a scene. Jean drags Stacey home and insists she call a doctor.

Whitney asks Bianca to let Debra stay because she’s worried for her safety. Ryan comes back to the house and frantically searches for the knife, then drags Debra out of the house to interrogate her. Whitney doesn’t know who to believe as both her mum and her brother warn her not to trust the other. Whitney sneaks the knife from its hiding place and takes it to the canal and throws it away.

Max tells Tanya that he would rather die than lose his family again. Abi overhears and she and Lauren decide to milk Max for all he’s worth! Max arranges a DVD evening, but the girls want to go bowling. Tanya gets a phone call from the girls to say that they’re at the hospital. A panicked Tanya rushes to the hospital to discover Max has got his finger stuck in a bowling ball!

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