Jeff has a family meltdown!

Paramedic Jeff has the day from hell this week, when he and Dixie arrive at the scene of a petrol station explosion. He’s horrified to discover his sister Maggie – played by Only Fools & Horses star Gwyneth Strong – and dad Billy are involved, but he and Dixie manage to rescue them.

Once the badly injured pair arrive at hospital, Jeff has to break the bad news to his nephew, trainee nurse Jamie. And there’s worse to follow when Jeff’s angry brother, Jamie’s dad Richard, shows up at Holby and starts throwing his weight around.

As Richard hurls abuse and threats at hospital staff, Jeff and Jamie share their experiences of growing up with tough dads. But this bonding experience is shattered when Richard suddenly turns his rage on Jamie, telling his son he’s ashamed he became a nurse.

Jeff has to step in and take action against his volatile brother when he attacks Jamie. As the Collier boys brawl outside in the hospital car park, however, their critically ill dad takes a turn for the worse in intensive care…

Elsewhere, when Tom and Linda treat Ben, who was also involved at the petrol station crash, they have no idea of the secrets he’s hiding. Prior to the crash he was beaten up by loan sharks he owed money to, and his girlfriend Jade caused Jeff’s dad to crash!

In desperation to get money to prevent more beatings, Jade steals Billy’s wallet and urges Ben to rob his house. But Dixie manages to show him the error of his ways when she turns up to collect some stuff from Billy’s house while Ben’s there.