Jenny accuses Sophie of assault!

Sophie heads over to No 13 to make amends with Jenny. But when Jenny snaps and orders Sophie to back off from Jack, Sophie is gobsmacked. When Kevin and Maddie walk in, Jenny hurriedly tells them that Sophie attacked her.

When Bethany sends a cheeky text to Carla on Nick’s phone, suggesting she and Nick meet up for a drink later, Nick’s amused. But later as he waits for Carla in the Bistro, Erica turns up – revealing she’s pregnant! 

Alya is pleased when Sinead presents her with the finished basque. Alya and Izzy work on their next batch of designs for posh knickers and an enthusiastic Sinead offers to set about making them.

Sally is intrigued when Roy tells her the graffiti on her house looks like a Banksy and could be worth a lot of money, so she panics when Tim and Norris try to wash it off.