Rita calls at Jenny’s flat and finding her visibly scared, insists she’s coming to live with her. As she gathers her things, Jenny confides in Rita how she’s dreading facing Kevin and Sophie again. But as Rita and Jenny arrive back on the street, they come face to face with a shocked Kevin, Sophie and Jack!

Mary apologises to Asha and Aadi for her unacceptable behaviour and hands in her resignation to Dev. At the pub, Erica and Liz suggest she was too hasty handing in her notice, when a woman approaches and introduces herself as Bridget – Brendan’s wife!

In the hospital, the consultant delivers the news that Hope’s operation has been a success.

Gail fusses round Audrey as she recuperates on the sofa at No 8, relieved that she suffered an angina attack and nothing worse. Ken calls with flowers and tries to discuss her feelings for him.

Richie O’Driscoll invites Aidan and Johnny to a drinks party at his house on Monday.