Jenny has returned to duties after working at The London Hospital, and she’s thrown back in at the deep end when she’s sent to accompany Sister Evangelina at a birth.

Parents-to-be Doug and Ruby Roberts, who already have two daughters, are thrilled and excited and the imminent arrival of their baby boy. However as her labour begins, Ruby becomes increasingly anxious. Despite going through two births before, she feels as though this one is different.

As Jenny helps deliver the baby, she’s shocked to notice a birth defect. Sister Evangelina tells her the condition is spina bifida – a life-limiting condition and disability. Jenny is taken aback, and tries all she can to reassure Ruby about her baby.

After being admitted to hospital, the baby is allowed home. But struggling to come to terms with what has happened, Ruby refuses to bond with her new child. She won’t feed him or even pick him up. Jenny feels duty-bound to intervene, but can she help bring this distraught family back together again?

Meanwhile, the eccentric Reverend Applebee Thornton – an acquaintance of Chummy’s – comes to stay at Nonnatus House. Jane takes a particular shine to this peculiar man, and the two begin to form something of a bond – especially when the Reverend invites Jane to a local dance! But with her shyness and his inability to be quiet, it looks unlikely they will ever be able to get together…