Jenny seduces Johnny

Jenny asks Johnny if he’s thought any more about her promotion and Sally’s furious when Johnny asks Beth to train Jenny up as a machinist. Later, Jenny cajoles Johnny into agreeing to give her a one-to-one lesson in machining after the factory girls have gone home…

Nick snaps and bundles the surveyor out the door when his incessant whistling gets on his nerves. When Robert finds Nick on Maxine’s bench, Nick admits he’s not well enough to move to Devon. Later, he tells Carla the same thing and she storms out. Tracy spitefully reminds Carla that if she fails to keep her side of the bargain, she’ll blab to Nick. Johnny wonders what’s going on between the two women.

Izzy apologises to Gary for letting him down and fills him in on her terrible day. Meanwhile, Anna moans to Kevin about how Izzy couldn’t be bothered to turn up to court. In an attempt to keep the peace, Kevin invites Anna, Gary and Izzy to join him and Sophie for dinner.

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