Jenny’s patient takes drastic action

There’s another expectant mother to see Jenny this week. But the news of a pregnancy isn’t welcome to her.

Nora Harding is already mum to eight children, and she’s afraid that one more mouth to feed. When Jenny tells her that she is seventeen weeks gone, Nora breaks down in tears.

She confesses to her husband that she’s terrified of having another baby, and she makes up her mind that she would like to have an abortion. Her husband tries to talk her out of it, and says that they will be able to cope with a ninth child.

Meanwhile, the whole of Poplar are getting ready for the Summer Fete. The midwives at Nonnatus House are more involved than most, as they’ve been put in charge of a Baby Show by Mrs Clark.

When Jenny discovers what Nora is planning on doing, she warns her that she’s more likely to harm herself than carry out her wishes. Jenny explains that she will need surgery if she wants to terminate her pregnancy.

However, Nora decides to pay a local woman to carry out the procedure at her home. Bleeding and unwell, it looks as though Nora might die. Rushing to her aid, Jenny and Sister Julienne arrive just in time to save her life.